Precipitation, Snow and Sea Surface Temperatures
Temperatures and Sea Ice

January 2023

Myth or reality?
Warmer and Wetter
The coldest days are rarer than they used to be.
With December 2022 climate data rolling in, it’s time for the annual update to the climate trend graphics for Alaska and vicinity. I usually present…
Part 3: Temperatures and Wildfire
Part 2: High Impacts and Precipitation and Snow Extremes

December 2022

Part 1: High Impact Events
It’s been a very eventful December weather and climate wise across Alaska and northwest Canada. This post highlights some of the many happenings since…
In a previous post we reviewed the repeat snowstorms December 5-15 that brought Anchorage to a near standstill for a few days with 40 to 50 inches of…
Anchorage and much of Southcentral’s bout of repeated heavy snows has ended as the weather pattern has shifted to a colder drier northerly winds aloft…