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In the SoCal area, we call the wind from inland a Santa Ana wind, if it is strong. I did not know that Sitka also had an offshore wind, but it makes sense.

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Thanks, this was really interesting to read after experiencing that day in Sitka. It was especially interesting because I don't think we usually see the temperature peak so late in the day. It was ~73 for much of the afternoon, and 70s in Sitka always feels hot. People are surprised how many heat-related rescue calls we've had over the years when it gets into the 70s.

I went out that evening right at 6pm, and it was starting to feel cooler. I was really surprised to look down and see 83 on my truck's thermometer. I thought it was from engine heat, or having been parked in the sun earlier. Do you have any explanation why it felt cooler at 83 at 6pm than it did at 73 at ~4pm? I don't think it was just shade; if I remember right, the shade felt warmer in the 70s than when the temps read in the 80s. Was that warm air mass drier or something?

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Interesting article about the high temps in SE AK May 17-19. Would you have a guess as to why the temps are warmer along (near) western SE Ak (Sitka, West Chichagof, Prince of Wales) as apposed to Kake, Petersburg, Wrangell & Ketchikan? -Rich Lomire-

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